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Jinan Remax Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd
Jinan Remax Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd
Brand name
Main products cnc router machine,laser machine,plasma machine
Annual sales USD 1,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2014-09-03
Number of employees Persons
Number of R&D staff Persons
Number of quality inspectors Persons
Area of factory
Brief Introduction

Jinan ReMax Machinery Technology Co.,LTD is a professional cnc router manufacturer, after ten years of efforts, our company already independent R&D and manufacture of molds engraving and milling machine, large CNC woodworking engraving machine, woodworking engraving and milling machine, CNC advertising engraving machine, CNC stone engraving machine, CNC linear and disk auto tool changer machines, CNC plasma cutter machines, laser cutting and engraving machine, laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine(YAG and Fiber),  laser seal engraving machine, styrofoam machining centers etc machines, since the establishment of our company, with professional technology and advanced management concepts, the rapid rise in the field of Numerical Control, has developed into research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the products have been widely used in the advertising industry, woodworking industry, craft gifts, architectural models, electronics, CAD / CAM industry mold industry, decoration, clothing, packaging, printing, dyeing, logos, seals, etc industries; and because of its distinct cost-effective domestic and in various application fields has been completely replace imported similar products, and become the leading companies in the industry.

Brief Introduction
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